Consumer Research

To provide even deeper value to our clients, Tartan Group has partnered with Ross Honeywill, an internationally respected authority on consumer behaviour.

What is a NEO consumer?

Known as the New Economic Order, or NEO, this consumer is better educated, votes for economic leadership yet insists on progressive social views. They like sport but love the arts, dominate the Internet, believe food is a celebration of the day, earn more, spend more and demand more from just about everyone.

As workers, they need to be stimulated and challenged, in flexible workspaces where they deal with challenges, make meaningful relationships, and share ideas and experiences.

Tourism marketing & the NEO

As consumers, NEOs love authenticity, change, technology, and luxury, and revel in a world of rich information and ‘whispered secrets’.

Drawing on unique research conducted over seven years revealing startling new insights into the social and consumer changes that are reinventing the rules of engagement in both the marketplace and the workplace, this consumer research is translateded into actionable marketing and communications plans by the Tartan Group.

Learn how to structure travel and tourism, destination and place marketing to capture the NEO.

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About the Author: Ross Honeywill

The changing face of society has been buried under a landslide of information that is often meaningless. Labels like ‘generation X’, ‘generation Y’, and ‘baby boomers’ don’t describe our desires or explain how and why we behave as complex human beings, let alone as workers, consumers, and homemakers.

To find a solution to this problem, Ross Honeywill and Verity Byth spent seven years surveying hundreds of thousands of respondents, and examined more than 2000 social and behavioural characteristics. They discovered no less than a revolutionary breed that is charting a new course and reinventing the world.

Ross is in demand as a consumer strategy adviser. He provides guidance to global and national brands including Qantas, David Jones, Lexus, Sony, Westpac Broking, Moët-Hennessy, National Australia Bank, Yahoo!, Fosters, Energex, as well as a number of master planned and comprehensive development projects.

A best-selling author, Ross’ book NEO Power has generated international acclaim, and his successful first book, I-Cons was published in Australia, New Zealand and Mainland China.

Ross works predominantly in Australia and Canada and, as a regular media commentator on international trends, is widely quoted on social, business and political issues. His leadership role at KPMG (Asia/Pacific) between 1997 and 2001 and his subsequent work as CEO of the Neo Group and the Social Intelligence Lab , has made him widely recognized as a challenging and stimulating consumer behaviourist.

According to international business commentator Robert Gottliebsen, "No one knows more about the consumer revolution than Ross Honeywill. CEOs ignore the Honeywill approach at their peril."

North American business analyst & commentator Richard Cartiere says, "Ross Honeywill’s penetrating insight into the real behavior of consumers has shaken the very foundations of marketing in the 21st Century and has helped global industry prepare for this new where past assumptions no longer work."

John Mutter, the executive editor of the influential Publishers Weekly in New York said "Ross Honeywill’s exciting approach to consumer behavior focuses on discretionary spending that adds to the quality of one’s life. Business, community and political leaders alike would do well to wake up to the Honeywill message."