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"[Tartan] helped us immeasurably not only to understand the connection between all aspects and strengths of social media, but also how to use the tools of implementation to achieve a high level of success in our SEO. [Your] ability to demystify the web technology of the 21st century, and the social media requirements as well as to hone in on our specific needs, is based on an obvious complete grasp of the  science of digital efficiency. We catapulted forward with the training and genuine enthusiasm and highly recommend your services to anybody who wants to get more exposure on the web."

Glenn Jampol, President

Are you amplifying your message?

We help you build your community before you need it.

Public relations includes your digital relationships with your fans, friends and followers. It is part of your marketing communications and earned media. And creating a digital presence is of particular importance in tourism marketing.

We help you build your on line presence starting from where you are now and considering your roadmap for success plus your capacity to absorb and manage new media.

We start with your business goals and build a strategy that considers all media - including traditional public relations, taking into consideration your overall marketing and advertising plus social sharing and social search requirements. We start with where you are with your on site infrastructure and build into more sophisticated digital techniques. Whether you know how to do it yourself, need hand-holding or need us to just do it for you - the Tartan Group and its affiliates create digital success.

Already in social media? We help you step it up to deliver ROI.

We have built twitter followers from zero to over a thousand in a few weeks. We conceive and implement facebook contests, quizzes and use ads and cross-promotion like radio to build awareness and success.  We know which tools and applications to use and when to use them.

We have worked with a variety of industries to help them create their social media policies and procedures and plan out their resources and storyboards to ensure success.


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