Media Relations

Strategic media relations tells your story.

It’s no secret that effective media relations are a key component of strategic communications for many companies and organizations.

Still, many don’t take advantage of the opportunities that positive media exposure can offer, and many don’t understand how damaging negative press can be -- until it happens to them.

Strategic media relations can help you tell your story and significantly raise your profile with key audiences and stakeholders, and can help you deliver accurate information and protect your business or association’s reputation during crisis situations. Whether your interest is travel pr, tourism media relations or specific to an issue or product launch, the Tartan Group is one of Canada's leading PR firms - we know how PR works.

We design proactive media relations plans for ongoing media exposure. We can also help you deal effectively with the media in reactive or crisis situations, allowing you to deliver strong and clear messages at critical times.

Effective media relations needs personal connection.

We advance each company’s mandate and its initiatives through a strategic, proactive media relations program that builds on their profile and reputation. Media opportunities are sought out in appropriate media outlets through news releases and events, and we enhance our client’s relationship with the media as a credible and accessible source of information. We are constantly identifying and developing relationships with writers, editors and media outlets that can help tell our clients’ story, and we are always developing fresh story ideas and key messages.

Media relations tactics include:

  identifying and developing relationships with writers, editors and media outlets that can help spread your message
  developing fresh story ideas and key messages
  creating a crisis communications plan that identifies and prepares spokespersons and outlines key messages

Media Shows

The Tartan Group attends media shows to showcase our client story themes to journalists and writers. We use a highly graphical media website as a presentation piece to show your stories. See our media relations show case.