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Corporate media interview training online and in-person. 

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Whether you are an individual, a small group or need enterprise training, the Tartan Group provides a unique combination of on-line and individual in-person media interview workshops.

The Tartan Group is the authorized licensee of Bergman & Associate's At Ease with the Media program in Western Canada. 

Stop blindly repeating key messages and start communicating...

Unlike “traditional” media training, which teaches spokespeople to blindly repeat key messages regardless of the question asked, At Ease With the Media teaches spokespeople to manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes. Our students learn to build effective working relationships with reporters by becoming better communicators — not better wafflers, sidesteppers, obfuscators, evaders, or talking heads as mindless repeaters of messages. For more information, here is an example of media interview training in action.

Our media training seminars emphasize strategic outcomes, not repetitive inputs. The result? 

Better relationships with reporters
Improved strategic outcomes. 
Enhanced risk management.

Learn Media Interview Skills - Online

The At Ease with the Media training course commences with on-line training at a secure website that consists of 10 audio-visual modules that touch a variety of topics.  Learners can complete the course in one sitting, or over a number of logins with a total time commitment of approximately two hours. 

The on-line is offered separately though the full in-person corporate media interview training requires participants to have first completed the on-line course.

Corporate Media Training Costs

At Ease With the Media has successfully trained thousands of spokespeople in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Caribbean, from the C-Suite to front line responders.

Prepare your spokespeople to handle journalists with ease — and they will be ready for employee meetings, public forums, and that crisis that may be just around the corner — choose the industry leader - contact the Tartan Group.

For clients who request it, during the in person session, we lead an interactive discussion about the role and use of social media as an adjunct to regular corporate communications and its place in crisis communications. We provide hands on training on tools and use for those who request assistance.


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