Reputation Management

A good reputation often takes years to build, but can be ruined in a matter of hours or days. Nothing is as important or powerful as your company or organization’s reputation – and managing it is vital.

Prepare Strategic Communications

Strategic communications from public relations professionals helps to create, maintain and protect a positive reputation. It’s one of the most important reasons to invest time and energy in strong and strategic communications – it’s an investment in your reputation.

A strong reputation helps you leverage opportunities and successes. It also helps you control damage when negative or inaccurate information about your business or organization appears in the media. If you are in the travel or tourism industry, you know your reputation means revenue. Let Tartan help.

Reputation management tactics include:

  publicizing your business name and profile 
  proactive community relations that help you build a reputation for giving back to the community 
  proactive media relations focusing on milestones and significant achievements 
  issues management identifying potential situations that can damage your reputation and developing strategies to get in front of those situations in a proactive manner.