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    by Tartan PR
    January 3,
    Image of Tartan Group integrated communications

    It’s time to make (and potentially break) a few resolutions for the New Year and the Tartan Group team is no exception! A short overview of resolutions from our illustrious team:


    Never one to shy away from a challenge or opportunity, Deirdre plans to:

    1. Be on time for every meeting, whether they are 7 a.m. conference calls or 5:30 p.m. discussions over wine. Anything between those two times is tentative!
    2. Pass all non-essential tasks to her workhorse, Brian.
    3. To ask the team’s input before accepting pro-bono accounts, even if she’s already gone and accepted it.


    While not physically located next to the Victoria team, Vancouver-based Kate is only ever a Skype or cell phone call away. For 2014, Kate plans to:

    1. Always avoid calling at 5 minutes to the end of the day for those, “just one quick thing” requests.
    2. Never answer a Skype call without video, because her hair will always be in fine form.
    3. Reduce the number of colour highlights in spreadsheets to under five


    Easily distracted by all manner of shiny objects, birds at the window, or people walking by, Brian resolves to:

    1. Watch the clock at all times, keeping track of all his hard work throughout the day.
    2. Answer the phone at least three times a day, even though it’s rarely ever for him.
    3. Be flexible on all occasions to his much protected (and important) gym break over the lunch hour.


    The expert on all things digital as long as they don’t involve keeping track of the time of day, James plans three fantastic resolutions for this year, which include:

    1. Writing lists (much like this one) for all his daily tasks.
    2. Gladly accepting all the non-essential task work passed to him from Brian (which was originally from Deirdre)
    3. Ensuring that only photos of adorable kittens are posted on his Facebook page, not a client’s.


    The new man in the office, happily referred to as the MOO (or manager of operations), Russ has a lot to learn about the ways of the world according to the Tarts and Toros. Russ plans to:

    1. Learn the ins and outs of all the idiosyncratic Tartan traits, whether they involve a desperate need for coffee at all hours of the day, or the finely-tuned ability for all staff to keep to their daily schedules at all times.
    2. Keep the thermostat to the optimum temperature at all times, regardless of what Brian requests of him.
    3. Promise not to send everyone a new spreadsheet every other day.


    Our loveable Miami-based affiliate is still trying to figure out how to work with a team on Pacific Time, but Dana plans to:

    1. Keep track of her hard PR work while the Miami Dolphins sit out during the playoffs.
    2. Always find a quiet Starbucks for Skype or conference calls.
    3. Ensuring that she has time to track her time.

    All the best in 2014!