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    For the past year I have toiled over the books, chased after receipts, and herded the occasional cat here at the Tartan Group. And, what fancy felines these “Tarts” truly are!

    This has been a dynamic opportunity to learn how integration should happen when it comes to a public relations firm in Victoria, BC and I am honored to have been part of the process. The occasional black tie event didn’t hurt either.

    That said, the time has now come for me to pass the Tartan Torch. Introducing Eric Jourdan! Eric has made a great impression on us so far. His first day was ’month-end’ (accountant speak for time spent in purgatory) and yet he is still here. Eric is a CGA Student, looking to put in his professional hours as a Tart himself.  Ultimately Eric’s role will be to make sure the books are balanced. However, coffee runs when “James the Intern” is not available are not completely off the task sheet!

    Tartan Group Public Relations

    As for myself, my son and I have traded in our crab traps for cowboy hats. We are heading to Calgary. So drop us a line if ever in the neighborhood!

    Oh and I told Eric you would all promise to go easy on him; he is new after all.

    The Tartan Group is a Victoria BC public relations and communications firm specializing in tourism and hospitality. Contact Tartan for inquires and corporate media training.