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    by Tartan PR
    October 12,
    What is a Blue Sky Dream?

    Working in an integrated marketing communications firm, the environment is very fast-paced. It also requires a lot of imagination and creativity. 

    At the Tartan Group we have an amazing group of public relations clients, colleagues and coworkers who keep the creative juices flowing, producing amazing work that I’m really proud of.

    But, where does this inspiration come from? 

    I sometimes joke that I look out the window (a lot); but, most of the time I’m actually looking through our clients’ websites, photo galleries and travel media from around the world in order to find inspiration to help tell client stories. 

    I like to call it a Blue Sky Dream. 

    Tartan Group Public Relations

    Blue Sky refers to being positive and to not limiting yourself to the current dimensions you’re in. 
    The dream is the conduit for getting yourself out of those current dimensions. 

    So, in the vein of sharing I invite you to follow along…I’ll share my Blue Sky Dream each week through our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts! 

    Where is your Blue Sky Dream taking you?

    Brian Cant is the Senior Communications Specialist for the Tartan Group, a public relations company in Victoria, BC.